Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 CNY toddler's approved craft

May the year of horse brings you and your family love, peace, happiness and good health....


A pot of gold ('kam')

  • paper bowl 
  • wire
  • any recycled paper (as stuffing for the 'kam' and bowl - to fill it up)
  • crepe paper (yellow - to cover the paper (i.e. base)
  • felt (green)
  • 'ang pow' cut outs  
  • water colour paint
*Adult (or older children) can scrunch the yellow crepe (to make like gold nuggets) and wraps orange crepe to make the 'kam'. Toddlers paste only. 

'Zen' art :p

  • frame (twigs)
  • rice paper
  • chinese black ink
  • chinese brush
  • crepe paper 

(amazing scribbling by toddlers) 


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